Healthy Lunch & Snacks Challenge Jan 22-25th

Healthy Lunch & Snacks Challenge Jan 22-25th

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Springfield School’s HALT Team Healthy Lunch Challenge

Springfield School’s Healthy Active Leadership Team (HALT) is made up of Grade Three and four students as well as 2 Staff Advisors (Mrs. Martin & Mrs. McNabb).  The purpose of this leadership group is it promote Healthy Living Habits throughout our school community.  

Eating healthy foods and being physically active helps your child improve memory skills, the ability to concentrate, academic performance and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. This month, The HALT team is focussing on healthy eating and drinking habits. The team is creating a display that shows the amount of sugar which is in popular beverages.  The hope is that our school community will become more aware of the amount of sugar they consume through drinking and that healthier decisions can be made.  

For the week of January 22 – 25, the HALT team is issuing a Healthy Lunch Challenge to students and staff.  Classes will be looking at lunches and snacks brought to school and deciding whether these are healthy lunch choices. Healthy foods are foods that are good sources of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.  Healthy foods have less sugar, salt and fats. Eating healthy foods promotes a child’s healthy development – physical, mental, emotional and social. Attached you will find a list of foods that will earn points if they are included in a student lunch or snacks. The class with the healthiest lunches for the week will receive a small prize. 

Thank you for encouraging your child to eat healthy.