School Council

Springfield Elementary School operates a very active School Council. Taking part in the School council is a great way to meet other parents and get involved in your child’s education.

The Council, in cooperation with school staff, parents, and community members, provides advice and assistance in matters relating to the standard of education, student achievement, physical and social development of the students, and operation of the school.

Our mission is to help the teachers of Springfield school achieve the 3 year education plan by taking an active role in our children’s education.

The council is open to discussion regarding educational matters and ideas for school improvement, and there is no commitment to attend every meeting.

2018-2019 Executive Members
  School Council  Parent Society   
Chair Kim Gagnon        David Haastrup
Vice Chair David Haastrup Grace Nylund-Grondin
Secretary/Treasurer Vickie Shaw Kim Gagnon
Communication Secretary           Marlee Demas  
Fundraising Coordinator n/a Scott Demas
Director at Large Ashley Yuremchuk       Ashley Yuremchuk
Director at Large Tavi Jabusch Tavi Jabusch, Vickie Shaw
Director at Large Scott Demas  Marlee Demas & Scott Demas


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School Council/Parent Society Meeting Dates  2017-2018
November 20, 2018 Springfield School Council Meeting
November 20, 2018 Springfield Parent Council Meeting
September 18, 2018 Springfield School Council Meeting (Annual AGM)
September 18, 2018 Springfield Parent Council Meeting (Annual AGM)
April 19, 2018 School Council Minutes April 19, 2018
March 28, 2018 Springfield Parent Advisory Council Minutes March 28, 2018
November 30, 2017     Council of School Council meeting at Lloyd Garrison School in Berwyn @6pm
October 18, 2017          Joint Council meeting at Springfield School @6:30pm
September 21, 2017 AGM Click for School Council Minutes and click for Parent Society Minutes
March 15, 2017 Minutes March 15, 2017
January, 25, 2017 Minutes January 25, 2017


School Council Resource Guide